[Bleach] Frostbite

Toushirou sneezes and scowls all in the same breath. “Why are we out here again?” he demands, hoping his annoyance is clear in his tone. His booted feet crunch over the ground beneath him, grating on his nerves.

“So we can bond!” Ukitake states in a chirpy, far-too-happy tone. It is immediately followed by a curse as he extracts a branch from his hair for the fourth time that afternoon.

The smell of pine and wildlife is everywhere surrounding them. The scent of nature, which clearly denotes their distance from civilization. Toushirou’s skin is twitching, certain that there are insects crawling on him, even if he can’t see them.

His lover is an idiot; he is sure of it. Whoever said that camping is romantic is a moron, too. And yes, it was Kyouraku who suggested it. Toushirou makes plans to freeze the man’s balls the minute they return to Soul Society, even as he delicately avoids a huge snag in their path. He doesn’t even know where the hell they are since Jyuushiro planned the whole trip, even going so far as to apply for them to have vacation time together. Damn sneaky bastard.

Ahead of him, Jyuushiro is humming under his breath and practically skipping down the path, mouth spread in childish glee. “Isn’t this fun, Shirou-chan?” he asks, oblivious to his lover’s discomfort.

“It’s the middle of winter,” Toushirou responds sourly, staring at all the vegetation.

Which is actually dead. Barring the pine trees and other evergreens, nothing is alive. It’s rather creepy. And the air smells of snow as well as pine.

“It’s going to get down to freezing tonight,” he adds in a tone that is absolutely not sulking. He is too old to pout, after all.

“I know!” Jyuushiro responds brightly, glancing over his shoulder with an almost devilish glint in his eye. “I guess that means we’ll have to keep each other warm, hmm?”

Suddenly, the reason for the camping trip in the middle of winter makes a lot more sense, and Hitsugaya wants to smack himself for not realizing it sooner. He should have realized that his boyfriend has ulterior motives. For his kindness, there is a devious side to Jyuushiro that few are privy to.

Toushirou simply sighs and succumbs to his fate. It’s not that he doesn’t want to be embraced by his lover; Jyuushiro is a damn furnace, after all. He just prefers to be doing so within the comfort of his own home, not on a rocky ground in the middle of nowhere.

Something cold smacks him in the forehead. Toushirou turns his gaze upwards, and immediately flinches as a snowflake nearly lands on his eyeball. As he had suspected, it is now snowing.

“Oh, look!” Jyuushiro states with childish glee. “Snow, Toushirou! Isn’t this fun?”

And not a trace of sickness or weakness is in his voice. In fact, he is more energetic than the boy-captain at this point, practically bouncing with each step. Then again, that might have had something to do with the candy Toushirou remembers his lover popping into his mouth every fifty feet or so.

Hefting his pack a bit higher on his shoulders, Toushirou merely nods and prepares himself for the romantic getaway of a lifetime, Kyouraku’s words and not his. There is no escaping it now.

He only hopes that they don’t get frostbite somewhere along the way. That would certainly put a damper on everything, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “blue balls.”

Toushirou shudders at just the thought.


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