[Bleach] Bankai Envy

Kyouraku Shunsui was sulking, or more appropriately, cutely pouting. After all, men like Shunsui did not sulk or brood or anything like that. He sat in his window seat, chin perched in his hand and stared morosely out into the garden, admiring the flowers that he had planted because hey, he liked flowers, didn’t he?

You see, Shunsui had a problem.

Well, it wasn’t really a problem per se or even an issue. It was simply a feeling, a wonderance, an emotion. Plainly put, he was jealous, green with envy, completely covetous.

He was centuries older than the Kuchiki heir, and yet, he was jealous. Completely and inexplicably so. He suffered from a most terrible ill, a worrisome stress.

Shunsui had been struck with Bankai envy. Well, there was some Shikai envy also but not nearly as much. Two swords were rather neat, after all.

It simply wasn’t fair.

Byakuya-kun’s bankai looked like flowers, a whole rain of cherry blossoms, and everyone knew how much Shunsui loved flowers. And besides, his own Bankai was boring. What was so great about wind, anyways?

All it did was blow.

Matsumoto had so smartly chirped to him that he was good at that, the whole blowing thing, before promptly reminding him just what he and her captain had caught him doing the other day.

He had shot back at her, equally smart, that she was just jealous because she didn’t have her own Jyuu-chan to cuddle.

In return, she had grabbed poor Hitsugaya-taichou and proceeded to suffocate him in her breasts, which was rather unfair of her to do so directly in front of Shunsui. She had never offered to suffocate himin her breasts. Anyway, shehad claimed that she had her own Shirou-chan and that was good enough.

Well, Shunsui couldn’t really argue with that because he had a Shirou-chan, too. The discussion was ended, and the topic dropped, but he continued to envy Byakuya from afar.

He had offered to trade zanpakutou with the Kuchiki heir, but Byakuya-kun was remarkably stingy. He wasn’t very amenable to the idea and had coldly informed him to “cease such ridiculous behaviors and act your age for once.”

And now, his sweet Jyuu-chan had finally sought him, asking why he had pestered Byakuya-kun about his sword for the nth time.

Shunsui soundly informed him that he wasn’t pestering, merely requesting a favor repeatedly. It wasn’t his fault that Byakuya-hime wasn’t prone to giving favors.

Jyuu-chan looked at him, ruffled his hair as if to say “what am I going to do with you” and told him he was much too old to pout.

Shunsui clearly stated that he was not pouting but considering his options. He thought that maybe Byakuya-kun would be willing to trade zanpakutou if he gave him a gift. Perhaps a year’s supply of those scarves he liked so much?

His lover laughed, and there was no sweeter sound in the world to Shunsui than it, and invited him out for a drink. Shunsui was certainly not going to say no to that, and he allowed Jyuu-chan to drag him away.

It was boring pouting anyways.


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