[Bleach] Art Appreciation

“Has anyone ever told you that you have beautiful skin?”

Izuru gasped. His fingers bunched in the blanket as he arched his back, rocking his hips in time to steady thrusts.

“Of course,” he panted and dragged his tongue over his lips. “You. Just last week.”

Chuckling, Yumichika leaned over him. His lips pressed to Izuru’s shoulder as his fingers flexed on slender hips.

“Well, it’s true,” he purred, one hand sliding up and around the blond’s waist to lazily cup his straining arousal. He massaged the hard flesh.

Izuru moaned. And shivers danced down his spine as his body moved beneath Yumichika’s.

“I can’t decide if you’re complimenting me for my sake or yours.”

His lover chuckled gently. Hips rolling as he surged forward.

“Probably a little bit of both,” Yumichika answered.

“I should’ve known.”

But it came out more of a gasp as he sucked in a breath and licked his lips. Still tasting his lover on them. He pushed back, urging Yumichika deeper. Loving the motion of their hips, almost as if they were dancing here on the bed.

“Am I so transparent?”

“Only to someone who knows you this well.”

“Someone like you?” Yumichika asked, amused. Leaning over to breathe hotly over the back of Izuru’s neck. Tongue touching the curve of Izuru’s ear briefly.

Moaning, the vice-captain felt the lazy fire curl inside of him. Building and building as Yumichika stoked the flames. Adding more fuel.

“Yes,” he groaned. And couldn’t be sure it was in response to the question or the wicked things Yumichika was doing with his hips.

The other man chuckled. And it was a silky, sexy sound that made Izuru shiver and goosebumps rise across his skin.

“I think that we know each other very well, don’t you?” he commented in a slightly evil tone that spoke of long hours of teasing if the lieutenant wasn’t careful.

Yumichika’s fingers stroked Izuru in all the ways he liked best. Making a steady fire burn within him. Curling and coiling in his belly. Spreading languid heat through his limbs. Making his toes curl.

Izuru gasped, struggling to find coherency. “You know… me best,” he managed to grit out. And was rewarded for the proper answer by a particularly wonderful thrust perfectly timed with a flick of Yumichika’s wrist.

Pleasure sparked through him, and Izuru shuddered. A moan passed through his lips as he clamped down and came, spilling all over Yumichika’s fingers. Izuru panted, delicious bliss lingering and peppering through his body as Yumichika managed a few more thrusts before his own release crashed over him.

Izuru was treated to the sound of Yumichika’s ecstasy, a throaty moan that always tingled down the blond’s spine. Kisses covered his upper back as Yumichika’s fingers gently stroked his hip. Another hand lightly touched Izuru’s softening arousal and threatened to bring him back to life once again.

“Your skin’s even more beautiful when colored with pleasure,” Yumichika all but purred.

Izuru shivered, arching beneath him. He loved the way their skin slid together. Sleek and soft. Covered in sweat.

“And you’re full of compliments tonight,” the vice-captain murmured in return as his lover guided him to his side. Both now lay across the rumpled futon as Yumichika slid out of him.

“This is different from any other night, how?” Yumichika asked, tone rich with humor as his unspoiled hand stroked over Izuru’s arm and down his bare side.

The blond reached out, capturing Yumichika’s hand and drawing it to his lips. Pressing a kiss against one finely manicured finger before drawing it into his mouth.

“No different at all.”

He was treated to the sight of lavender eyes dilating with desire and the curl of Yumichika’s lips.

“Haven’t you had enough?” Yumichika asked, voice throaty and thick with renewed want.

Izuru’s own mouth curled into a grin as his tongue traced the length of Yumichika’s finger. Mimicking the actions he’d much rather be performing somewhere else.

“Of you? Never.”

He knew he’d complimented the other man greatly because a hint of scarlet dotted his pale cheeks, but Yumichika just lowered his eyes demurely. Or pretended modesty at any rate since Yumichika was well-aware of his own attractiveness. And as well as he knew Izuru, the truth was equal in return.

Yumichika withdrew his fingers. Painting the saliva-coated digits over a pair of lips.

“Complimenting me will get you everywhere.”

“I know,” Izuru inserted with a smile.

And before Yumichika could react, the blond turned and covered him with his body, slanting his mouth over another.

Izuru received a rumble of appreciation in return and was utterly pleased when Yumichika moved fluidly into his touch. The blond’s hand skated down a bare side. Palm ghosting over a firm, smooth abdomen.

Fair was fair after all. And even more than allowing Yumichika to embrace his body, Izuru fully enjoyed embracing Yumichika in return. Thrusting into that pliant form and watching pale skin flush crimson as his lover fluidly writhed beneath him.

Absolutely beautiful.


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