[Bleach] Mating Rituals

As instructed by Mayuri-sama, I, Kurotsuchi Nemu, have taken on the scientific task of observing Kurosaki Ichigo with the purpose of determining the source of his remarkable talents and ability to completely override the traditional learning curve. I shall do my best to dictate each situation from the side of an observer with no bias intended.

~ Day One ~

Subject’s residence seems to be of typical size for the average Japanese household. The father, who shows a complete lack of all mental faculties, is a physician at the clinic adjoining their domicile. Both of the subject’s siblings display a small aptitude in sensing the spirit world, most notably within the dark-haired female. The father does not appear to hold any ability but still seems aware of his male progeny’s Shinigami related activities. Further, he displays increasingly odd behavior, glancing around surreptitiously when he is alone and acting almost as if he realizes he is being observed.

Morning does not appear to suit our subject. He is quite cantankerous, and there is a strange ritual between father and son consisting of the exchange of multiple violent blows. The observer wonders if this is an everyday occurrence or some type of training technique. Son is reluctant but quick to retaliate.

~ Day Three ~

Subject’s place of learning is a large establishment with a multitude of humans milling about the premises. Classes are divided into sections, and subject appears to have many associates who seem quite delighted at his presence. One such male demonstrates an extravagant display of emotion that the subject easily sidesteps and promptly disregards. This behavior is mildly amusing.

Subject doesn’t appear to display any sexual interest or preference towards the females in his class. According to the observer’s research, this is unusual for his age and development. Further, she still has detected no signs of stimuli to explain the abnormal reiatsu level of the subject.

More observation is necessary.

~ Day Eight ~

Subject wastes several hours arguing heatedly with Kuchiki-san before he is dragged to an abandoned field beyond the outskirts of the main town. The content of this argument seems to revolve around the subject’s sexuality and what Kuchiki-san believes to be the “cure for his loneliness.” The observer does not believe loneliness is an affliction deserving of a medical remedy.

In any case, the observer has followed the subject to his current location, where he appears to be watching Kuchiki-taichou defeat a low-class Hollow. The observer is not aware that the sixth division captain had been assigned duty in Karakura. To her surprise, moments after the Hollow was cleansed, the subject and Kuchiki-taichou have an interaction. She is astonished to watch the two males exchange a press of the lips – a kiss. There is a moment’s pause, an exchange of words, and then, the two males kiss once more. It is an interesting development that requires additional study.

The observer will contact supervisor for further instruction.

~ Day Thirty-Five ~

In concordance with Mayuri-sama’s order, context of this study has been expanded to include observation of the subject’s relationship with Kuchiki-taichou, heretofore known as Subject B. Kurosaki-san shall be referred to as Subject A.

After several weeks of increasing lust and close encounters, Subjects A and B have given in to their primal urges to copulate. From the observer’s position, it is clear all pretense of maintaining chastity has been discarded. To her surprise, there is tenderness in the awkward yet determined movements.

The observer’s attention is diverted with the sudden appearance of Matsumoto-fukutaichou, Zaraki-taichou, and Shihouin-sama, all of whom seem to be deep into intoxicated revelry. After a moment’s examination, the observer witnesses the aforementioned captain attempt a kidoh spell, despite her knowledge that Zaraki-taichou has never attempted such a thing previously. The spell exceeds expectations and proceeds to set fire to the Kuchiki manor, after which the delinquents make themselves scarce.

Subjects A and B are only momentarily distracted; Subject A is diverted from a kiss to question Subject B. The observer makes careful note of the endearments exchanged as both subjects realize that their abode is ablaze and consequently dive for safety through an open window. The observer takes the opportunity to slip quietly away as the commotion has caused the arrival of multiple Shinigami, most notably Hitsugaya-taichou and Ukitake-taichou.

~ Day Thirty-Seven ~

The subjects are meeting surreptitiously for a brief meal and a recitation of poetry from the living world in a secluded area near the Soukyoku hill. The observer is surprised at Subject A’s choice of literature, resolving to return to the laboratory and conduct research on one “William Shakespeare” for better understanding of his behavior.

Subject B seems to appreciate the flowery prose, and both are seen intertwining their extremities – holding hands as it were. Further, the observer witnesses them engage in several pre-mating behaviors, such as kissing and light petting of the flanks, back, and neck both over and under clothing. After almost an hour, the pair finally finish their meal. However, before departing, both share a lingering embrace, and Subject B presses their foreheads together during the exchange, also rubbing noses.

Such demonstrative behavior is unexpected, and the observer hypothesizes that is merely due to the fact that they have yet to copulate and are attempting to maintain physical interest and intimacy.

~ Day Forty ~

Despite the failed prior endeavor at consummating their affections, the subjects proceed to attempt copulation once more. Interestingly, the observer finds Subject A taking the dominant role. He appears to be soothing Subject B’s skittish reactions with affectionate touches as Subject B assumes the lordosis posture, something most suitable for this type of mating ritual.

Once Subject B has relaxed, Subject A proceeds with mounting behavior. The observer refrains from making a detailed analysis of the process on paper, preferring to refer to the video footage when later making her report to her supervisor.

Post-coital, Subject A slips into aftercare mode where he cleanses his mate of all traces of their copulation. After disposing of the soiled cloth, he returns to the bed, and both subjects proceed with “cuddling” and additional kissing. Sometime later, the pair drifts off to sleep but only after verbally reaffirming their affections.

The observer finds this incredibly fascinating and is eager to see what Mayuri-sama makes of it.

~ Day Fifty-One ~

Subject B appears to enjoy stalking his prey. He walks past Subject A as if he cannot see him, but a brief brush of shoulders appears to imply some sort of communication. Perhaps pheromones are involved, cueing certain responses in each of the subjects. The observer suspects testosterone plays a large role as well, but more analysis is necessary for confirmation.

Careful observation discovers the two subjects meeting, not by chance, in a small storage closet. It is the not the first time the observer has witnessed such strange locations for copulation. For example, Subject B’s office, the bedroom of Subject B’s sister, and the kitchen are all seemingly prime areas for any and all mating behaviors. Additionally, with the partial destruction of Subject B’s domicile, both have been invited to momentarily lodge with Ukitake-taichou. This has not appeared to have had any effect on curbing their sexual relations.

It should also be noted that the subjects “switch roles” in terms of dominance, and both have been observed as the recipient partner during copulation. Mayuri-sama has found such behavior of particular interest and has encouraged further inquest of it.

~ Day Sixty-Four ~

The subjects seem to enjoy engaging in quasi-aggressive behavior as an addendum to or possible cover for their affections, and they frequently practice their skills against one another, sparring at least once a day whenever Subject A is in Seireitei. Most often, these fights revolve around shunpo and zanjutsu, despite Subject B’s considerable knowledge of kidoh. Very rarely is hakuda involved, though only Subject A ever includes such tactics. The observer has noticed that this particular behavior seems to be a prelude to mating. Indeed, copulation, or heavy petting and kissing at the very least, often occurs afterwards once the pair has managed to reach a more private setting.

Their current spar seems to be following these trends. So far, Subject B has yet to even release his shikai, and the two are engaged in a contest of strength, their respective zanpakutou locked. Further, the pair are pressed together, faces mere centimeters apart. Abarai-fukutaichou watches them from the sidelines with a peculiar expression as the subjects quietly exchange words over their blades and press even closer together. He seems to be confused, acting as though he has yet to realize the significance of their actions.

The observer has noticed on numerous occasions that the vice-captain is rather slow on the uptake, and it is entirely possible that he is completely ignorant of the clandestine affair occurring between his superior and Subject A. Mayuri-sama concurs with the assessment of Abarai-fukutaichou’s mental faculties, also stating that it is quite likely no one else has discovered the true relationship of the subjects.

~ Day Seventy-Five ~

As the weeks have progressed, Subject B continues to show increasing possessiveness, and he has taken to cautiously watching or even chasing off all those he deems a sexual rival or possible physical threat to his mate. The observer notes that several individuals are exempt from such behaviors, most notably Subject B’s sister and Ukitake-taichou, as well as Sado-san.

Hitsugaya-taichou is apparently too young to be viewed as a threat, but most of the other captains and vice-captains merit intense scrutiny or even outright, if subtle, hostility. This tendency is especially apparent whenever Zaraki-taichou and Kyouraku-taichou are present. Abarai-fukutaichou, on the other hand, merely rates a cautious but vague sort of surveillance as does most of the eleventh division and Subject A’s Quincy companion, Ishida-san. Inone-san and Shihouin-sama, in particular, garner a fierce reaction and are routinely driven away, oftentimes with Subject B displaying increasingly intimidating facial expressions.

Such predator-esque vigilance is not uncommon in persons with Subject B’s personality type or males in general, and Mayuri-sama finds such possessiveness and the actions stemming from it to be faintly amusing.

~ Day Eighty-Two ~

The pair has traveled to Karakura for the day to engage in what Subject A has dubbed “meet the parents.” Thus far, they are standing outside of the aforementioned male’s residence, arguing too quietly for the observer to hear. However, it is rather obvious that Subject B insists on entering, while his counterpart seems strongly reluctant. Their discussion comes to a decisive end when Subject A’s father flings open the door and immediately embraces his offspring, loudly chirping his delight. He falters, however, when he notices Subject B.

The observer notes that Subject B appears to completely stiffen at the sight of his mate’s father. The reaction seems to be reciprocal as Subject A’s parental unit lifts his eyebrows in return, still embracing his son tightly. In the meantime, Subject A gasps for leniency, but neither of the other males appears to notice.

Subject A’s father shifts his gaze and looks past both of the Shinigami, appearing to stare directly in the observer’s direction. Almost immediately the father hurriedly rushes them within the household, closing the door with a firm slam. For a moment, the observer wonders if perhaps the father is not as imperceptive as he appears. She will ask Mayuri-sama for his hypothesis on the matter at a later time.

As she is unable to get within the domicile at this present moment, the observer concludes her study of the two subjects for the day to resume at a later time.

~ Day Ninety ~

The Kuchiki manor is completely rebuilt and repaired from the “accidental” burning that had taken place earlier in the year. However, instead of taking full advantage of the perfect secrecy to indulge their passions, the observer notes that instead, they indulge in quiet companionship.

After sharing a brief dinner with Subject B’s sister, the subjects retire to their shared chambers. The observer notes that this is the first instance in which they have spent the night in Subject B’s own bed. To her surprise, they engage in lingering affections and soft phrases of endearment before falling asleep, refraining from their usual mating rituals.

~ Closing Remarks ~

In concordance with Mayuri-sama’s instructions, I have ended my observations. I hereby swear that all information dictated within this study is accurate to the extent of my knowledge, and as unbiased as I am capable of reporting. It is my hope that the results gathered will prove useful in the study of future anomalies concerning Subject A as well as the mating habits of Shinigami.


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