[CaC] Water Balloons

Bruce called it combat training.

Wally was pretty sure that it was really just fun and games, but Bruce had to dress it up in another name to make himself feel better about it. Whatever. Wally was just happy to see Bruce laughing, soaked in sweat and water, his dark clothes clinging to his body…

Dangerous thoughts there. Hold on, Wally. Hold on.

He ducked down behind a hedge, juggling his two pieces of ammo. Bright blue and green, lucky colors. He listened for the sound of Dick and Tim and Barbara, the whole Batclan really. Clark was here somewhere, too. He’d brought Connor.

There were others up on the Watchtower keeping eyes and ears out for trouble. For now, this was a time to relax and have fun and remind themselves what they were all risking their lives to protect.

Or, if you asked Bruce, they were training.

Wally chuckled to himself.

Wally peered around a corner. He could hear laughter in the distance, and a girlish squeal, which was probably Tim in all honesty. Otherwise, there was no one in immediate sight. Wally had the all clear.

He crept across the grass, tennis shoes crunching noisily. He hoped the sound of the others laughing and playing concealed all the noise he was making. Wally was not built for stealth. He was built for speed. But they weren’t supposed to use any of their superpowers here.

That was part of the training exercise, according to Bruce. No superpowers allowed so that if any of them were ever in a situation where they didn’t have them, they wouldn’t be powerless. They would have the skills to defend themselves. Bruce was all about future planning.

Wally crept up behind a massive statue of a winged cherub. It was not Bruce’s style at all. Probably belonged to his great-great-grandfather or something. The Wayne’s were old money.

He peered around it. All clear.

Wally made a dash for a massive rhododendron. The bright red blooms might help to hide him. He hoped. Water jostled in his balloon.

He crouched and waiting. No shouting. No splashing. He was still in the clear. Grinning, Wally crept forward again, inching through the hedge maze. Why Bruce had a hedge maze, Wally didn’t know. But it was all kinds of fun.

Wally ducked around another corner, keeping low to the ground. He heard another shriek and shout in the distance, followed by a splash. He was getting closer. Maybe he could sneak up on someone and get his hits in while the getting was good.

He took the next right-hand turn and froze. There, just up ahead, he could see the edge of the heel of a shoe. Someone was crouched down in the path, facing away from Wally, perhaps peering into the next corner. He had no idea who it was.

The shoe shifted. Wally ‘eeped’ and ducked back behind his wall, peering around the corner. His eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat.

It was Bruce! Score!

Wally backtracked and crept up the path that paralleled the one Bruce was using. Through the gaps in the leaves, he could see Bruce just ahead of him, creeping forward with ninja stealth. Bruce didn’t carry any ammo though. Probably didn’t think he needed it.

There was a break in the hedge ahead of him. If all went well and Bruce didn’t decide to take a right, Wally might actually get the drop on him. Exciting!

He steadied his breathing, focused on stealthy thoughts, and crept carefully forward. Luck stayed with him all the way until the end when he reached the break and Bruce had turned to the left. His back was to Wally, dark t-shirt stretched enticingly across broad shoulders.

Wally hefted his ammo in each hand and crouch-stepped forward. Closer. Closer. No twigs or leaves on the ground to give him away. Good. Doing great, Wally. Just a little further…


Wally launched himself forward with a fierce jungle cry. Bruce whirled just in time for Wally to tackle him, water balloons exploding between them in a splash. Wally was laughing as they both went down, limbs tangled, Bruce cursing under his breath.

“Got ya!” Wally said before he felt himself go flying. He hit the ground on his back, world spinning, sky very blue above him.

No. That was Bruce’s eyes as he looked upside down into Wally’s face, hands pinning Wally’s wrists to the damp, grassy ground.

“I heard you coming,” Bruce claimed. His voice was tinted with amusement though and if Wally looked closely, he could see Bruce smiling.

Wally rolled his eyes. “No, you didn’t. You just don’t want to admit that I snuck up on you.”

“You did not.”

“Did so.” Wally grinned. His tongue swept over his lips. “Well, you caught me. What are you going to do with me?”

Bruce chuckled and leaned closer. Their noses brushed. “I am uncertain. I suspect you have a few suggestions?”

Boy, did he ever!

Wally listened intently. There didn’t seem to be anyone nearby. No one to point and make embarrassing commentary. Perfect.

He tilted his head up. “Kiss me,” he said.

“I saw that coming, too,” Bruce said dryly, but he obliged. The tip of his nose stroked down Wally’s before he tilted a bit further forward and pressed their lips together.

Upside down kisses were awkward, but a slight shift for both of them, and mmm. That was perfect. Wally shivered as Bruce’s tongue slid over his, warm and wet and tasting like spearmint. Whoa. Was Bruce actually chewing gum?

Wally nipped at Bruce’s lips and wriggled on the ground. “Do we have to keep playing?” he asked as his jeans started to get a little tight. “We can sneak into the manor. No one has to know.”

Bruce outright laughed. “You want Dick to come looking for you?”

Because he would. He so would.

Wally groaned. “No,” he said and his lips pushed together in a moue of disappointment. “But I’m going to say that you owe me.”

Bruce kissed him again. “Later,” he promised, and let Wally go. He stood up, brushing dirt from the knees of his denim.

It was better than nothing, Wally supposed. He let Bruce haul him to his feet, brushing grass and leaves from his own clothes.

Besides, they still had a game to win.


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