[TiA] Wrecking Ball

It was a busy night.

Blurr’s association with Starscream might not have been good for business, but his visible drama with Starscream? That drew in customers. They all wanted to point and stare and whisper. A few brave sparks actually asked if he and Starscream were “breaking up.”

After the first time he snarled at someone that they weren’t dating or anything like it to begin with, Blurr stopped trying. He ignored the pointed questions and overcharged those patrons on purpose. Nosiness tax, he called it. All the better if they never came back.

He wasn’t here to be their free show.

Worse was that Jazz never showed up. Sky-Byte managed to entertain the crowd on his own with a rhythmic poetry reading and the two Tankors got up on the stage and did some kind of dance routine that broke two chairs. But Jazz never once showed his face. He didn’t even have the courtesy to call and say he was otherwise occupied.

Blurr wasn’t so much worried as he was annoyed. Jazz could take care of himself, but his absences as of late were getting more and more frequent. He obviously had something going on that he wasn’t sharing with Blurr. That, too, was irritating.

What was with everyone and coddling him lately? He’d been an Autobot and a Wrecker, damn it. He wasn’t fragile. He wasn’t untrained. He could protect himself!

Irritation built until Blurr had worked himself into a rightful wroth. He closed the bar twenty minutes early, kicked out the lingering drunks, and locked up behind himself. If it weren’t for the fact he’d told Starscream he’d meet with the Seeker, Blurr would have stomped up into his apartment and sulked in peace.

The night was cool. There wasn’t a wind, but a chill in the air that undercut his armor and ghosted over his protoform. Blurr shivered and opted to shift to alt-mode, his wheels crackling over the debris-strewn ground.

New Iacon was silent and still around him. There was very little movement and mechs out and about. That was unusual. Granted, the streets were typically crowded only during what had been decided to be the daycycle. Most mechs went back to whatever shacks they called home during the determined nightcycle. But not to see anyone on the streets?

That was a little unnerving.

Blurr put on a burst of speed and aimed himself toward the tower Starscream had claimed for his own.

There wasn’t anyone around by the time he arrived. Blurr’s backstrut crawled with unease as he hit the main door’s chime.

“It’s me, Starscream,” he said into the intercom.

The door clicked open in reply and Blurr eased into the tower. The door shut and locked behind him. Starscream was serious about his security.

The lobby was dimly lit and cluttered with scavenged items. Anything that could be salvaged and of potential future use. Starscream used all the unoccupied floors as makeshift storage closets. Blurr knew that Rattrap had claimed one of them for a nest, but he didn’t know which one. Other than that, however, Starscream lived here alone.

That Starscream had few friends was no secret.

Blurr stepped into the lift and punched the button for the penthouse. Starscream was certainly one who believed in luxury. Most residents of New Iacon were saving their energy credits and relying on manual lifts and locks.

He arrived on the top floor and stepped out into the short corridor leading to the massive double doors of Starscream’s penthouse. He once again pinged for entry and found himself given leave to enter without verbal acknowledgment from Starscream. Blurr checked the corners but couldn’t see any cameras.

It wasn’t like Starscream to not be paranoid.


Blurr slipped into Starscream’s apartment, the snarky Seeker nowhere in immediate sight. Which left either the washracks or the berthroom and given that Blurr couldn’t hear any solvent running, process of elimination meant Starscream was aberth.

He wasn’t at all surprised.

Blurr picked his way across the floor to the berthroom and rapped his knuckles against the open frame as he rounded the corner through the door and into the room. Only to draw up short and stare.

Starscream was lounging on the berth as though purposefully putting himself on display. His helm was propped up on one hand, while the other hand was idly stroking over his interface array. His plating had been polished to a reflective shine, glittering in the overhead light.

But that wasn’t the surprising part.

Somehow, in the time between when Blurr had last spoken with him that afternoon and now, Starscream had gone through a complete overhaul. Gone was the grey, blue, and red armor that Blurr was most familiar with. Now, he was a glossy, sexy crimson. A lot of the bulk had been stripped from his frame, making him all sleek, sharp angles. In short, he looked like an aerial racing frame.

Blurr’s engine purred entirely without his consent.

“Mmm, there you are,” Starscream purred, the fragger knowing good and well how attractive he looked right now. He’d arranged himself like this on purpose. “Care to join me?”

Blurr went through a series of appropriate responses before he settled on something that wouldn’t embarrass himself. “That is not what I came here for,” he said.

Starscream chuckled. “But it is a charming bonus,” he said and one finger traced the seams of his interface panel over and over.

Blurr absolutely was not watching the circuitous path of that finger. Nor was he wondering if Starscream had gone through a frame overhaul or had gone for the easier, faster route of a protoform transfer. He’d lost a lot of mass and had probably gained speed in return.

Blurr snorted as his faceplate started to heat. “Who said you were charming?”

“It’s a given.” Starscream crooked a finger at him. “Why are you standing all the way over there?”

“Because I’m still slagged at you?” Blurr said, but it came out more of a question and lacked the heat he intended. Well, the angry kind of heat anyway. His spike had already started to pulse and take notice of Starscream’s new design.

Frag it all to the Pit, but it was like Starscream had dug right into Blurr’s helm and picked out everything that Blurr liked in a frame. His fingers twitched with the urge to touch.

Starscream shifted around on the berth, making himself more comfortable. He folded one arm behind his helm as his other hand continued to stroke soft circles over his panel.

“I thought we were over that.”

“Only you could think that agreeing to see things my way is the same thing as an apology,” Blurr retorted. He rolled his optics.

Starscream gave him an askance look. “Is that what you want? An apology?” His plating flared, giving Blurr a peek at the shiny new wires and cables beneath. Frag, he could almost smell the fresh metal of them from here.

“It would be a nice start,” Blurr bit out. His vents opened, catching a whiff of the Seeker’s wax and polish.

It had to be imported. Nothing they had available on Cybertron had that spicy-sweet scent. And when the frag had he gotten so close to the berth anyway?

Starscream chuckled. “You should join me,” he purred. “You’ve been hard at work all day and I’m feeling a sudden need to spoil you.”

Blurr’s optics narrowed. Theoretically, he could dig in his heelstruts, turn around, and walk back out the door. Their political alliance had nothing to do with this. He knew frag well Starscream was playing some kind of game with him. He should have turned around and walked back out the moment he realized Starscream didn’t want to talk business.


His optics roved over those sharp angles and that lustrous finish and his engine gave a telling purr.

He was tempted. By all that was unholy, Starscream was a damned tempting sight and Blurr did not want to turn his back on him.

There had to be some benefit to their political alliance, right?

“We’re not done talking,” Blurr growled as he stalked the last few strides to Starscream’s berth and climbed up onto it – literally, the damn thing was too high off the ground.

“Who said we need words?” Starscream retorted as he grabbed Blurr and pulled.

Blurr flailed, his world spinning, as he suddenly ended on top of a very amorous Seeker who sealed their lips together and plunged his glossa into Blurr’s mouth. Blurr moaned and reached up, his fingers sliding over new armor and paint that was as sleek and smooth as fresh plating could be. Oh, Primus. This was high-quality material here.

Blurr shuddered. He ground down, his closed panel throbbing. Starscream’s own panel exuded heat, his engine whining from restraint. Starscream’s legs latched around his waist as Starscream rolled up against him, demanding without words.

Well, this was different. Blurr wasn’t opposed, but Starscream all but demanding that Blurr frag him was different. Appealing, but unusual.

He supposed talking to Starscream would have to wait until afterward.

“Did you miss me?” Blurr asked with a smirk as he broke off the kiss and nipped at Starscream’s intake, feeling the Seeker shudder beneath him.

Starscream’s field was alight with lust, far more than he usually allowed Blurr to sense. He was shivering, too, his plating flared to allow the release of excess heat and the nimble touch of Blurr’s fingers on his protoform beneath.

“Is that why you’re so eager for me?” Blurr added, shifting his weight to slip one hand between Starscream’s legs.

His fingers encountered Starscream’s panels, expecting to find them closed, only to be surprised as his fingers slid through damp stickiness. Starscream was positively dripping. Only his spike remained tucked away, and Blurr could feel the rise behind it, as though Starscream was holding back. Though Blurr couldn’t imagine why. Starscream never held anything back.

“Maybe I’m just trying to shut you up,” Starscream retorted, but it petered away into a gasp as two of Blurr’s fingers slid into his valve.

His tight, soaking valve. Did he replace these components, too? Blurr did not remember him being this tight.

Blurr nipped at Starscream’s intake as taloned fingers scratched at his backplate, just below his boosters. He drew back with a smirk.

“Seems like I’m the one shutting you up,” Blurr said. His thumb pressed against Starscream’s swollen node as he crooked his fingers, rubbing hard over the ring of nodes just behind Starscream’s rim.

Oh, yeah. These were definitely new.

Starscream shuddered. His thighs trembled around Blurr’s waist and he arched up against Blurr. His wings twitched against the berth, his optics going dim with pleasure. Lubricant pulsed from his valve and Blurr felt his calipers twitch at the tips of Blurr’s fingers.

Starscream’s helm tossed back, a shiver visibly rippling across his plating. “Just frag me already,” he moaned, his heels digging into the back of Blurr’s thighs.

“Impatient much?” Blurr asked but didn’t give Starscream a chance to answer. He dragged his lips back to the Seeker’s and stole Starscream’s mouth for a deep kiss.

A bolt of pleasure shot down his spinal strut as Starscream moaned again and snatched at Blurr’s glossa, sucking it into his mouth. His denta grazed the sensitive dermal layer, a scrape of pain that didn’t quite hurt like Blurr thought it would.

Well then.

He circled Starscream’s anterior node again and then shifted position. He redirected his weight to his knees and grabbed Starscream’s hips, pulling the Seeker toward his spike. He ground his panel against Starscream’s valve, feeling the wet slide of swollen pleats against his closed panel.

He nipped at Starscream’s lips, nearly hard enough to draw energon, and felt an answering shiver. Different indeed. Different enough that Blurr was going to have some serious questions afterward.

But for now… Starscream was blasting heat like he’d been flying at top speed for the better part of ten minutes and his entire frame was rattling in Blurr’s arms. Blurr didn’t know how and why he’d gotten worked up so fast, but it felt cruel to delay any longer. He tightened his grip on Starscream’s hips and opened his panel, his spike pressurizing directly into the Seeker’s leaking valve.

Starscream broke away from the kiss to hiss air through his vents. His claws pressed hard on Blurr’s back, stabbing at his protoform. His valve clenched down, clutching on Blurr’s spike in a tight grip. Molten heat flooded Blurr’s internals, and he shivered, pleasure shooting like a lightning bolt through his lines.

“More,” Starscream panted, his optics bright with need.

Blurr gasped and plunged into Starscream, his spike grinding over the Seeker’s ceiling node. Starscream spiraled down onto his spike, hard enough that his receptors sparked with Blurr’s sensor nodes. Starscream tossed his helm back and moaned, his valve rippling around Blurr’s spike in a sudden overload.

“Wow,” Blurr said as Starscream stilled and shivered beneath him. Lubricant welled up around Blurr’s spike. “And everyone says I’m fast.”

Crimson optics flashed. Starscream’s talons prickled at Blurr’s protoform. “I’m not done yet,” he snapped and rolled his hips, twitching calipers grasping at Blurr’s spike again. Lubricant dripped onto Blurr’s thighs and panel.

“I noticed,” Blurr said in a dry tone. He tightened his grip on Starscream’s waist, dragging the Seeker down onto his next grinding thrust.

Starscream all but keened, energy crackling out form beneath his armor. His field spiked, static need flashing the room. Arousal was hot and crackling through it.

Blurr panted, his vents flaring open to compensate, though he could barely hear his own cooling fans over Starscream’s. The Seeker’s thighs pressed in on his hips, hard enough to dent, and he clutched at Blurr as though he couldn’t bear to let go. His frame moved in a wave, grinding their plating together.

Blurr rolled his hips, sliding into Starscream over and over. Charge nipped at his spike. Starscream clutched at him, valve cycling tighter and tighter. His fingers spasmed, talons nicking Blurr’s protomesh and he felt the light trickle of energon.

“Stop that,” Blurr hissed. It didn’t hurt, but it was uncomfortable, and it made him itch beneath his armor. Which was distracting him from all the arousal coursing through his lines.

Starscream’s laugh was hoarse and ragged around the edges. “Stop what?” he demanded and his pedes kicked the back of Blurr’s knees. He dug in, causing another flash of discomfort.

Blurr growled and dropped his hold on Starscream’s hips. The Seeker sagged toward the berth, which caused him to clutch at Blurr all the harder. Frag it. He had to get those talons away from his protomesh. Blurr snatched at Starscream’s arms, his thrusts slowing to a halt.

“Let go!” Blurr demanded, squeezing Starscream’s forearms.

Before, he wouldn’t have caused hardly any damage. But Starscream’s armor was thinner now, and he felt it slightly give way beneath him. It didn’t make any sense! Why would Starscream make himself more vulnerable?

Starscream hissed and his talons disengaged from Blurr’s protoform. “You let go!” he snarled and tugged on his arms.

Blurr growled and dropped his grip on Starscream’s arms. He slid back, pulling himself out of Starscream, which caused the Seeker to growl in frustration.

“What are you doing?” he demanded, his thighs gripping at Blurr’s hips.

Blurr grabbed Starscream’s knees and worked himself free of Starscream’s hold. “Preventing further damage,” he said and took hold of Starscream’s hips.

It was almost scary how easy it was to flip Starscream onto his front. The Seeker weighed thirty percent less than Blurr remembered him weighing before. His heavy batttle armor was gone. He must have dropped a good bit of his internal weaponry, too. He’d completely re-framed. This was no mere reformat. He’d done an honest-to-Primus spark transfer.

That was dangerous as the Pit and Blurr had no idea why he’d done it. He’d have to ask later, when he wasn’t taking care of the desperate Seeker sprawled beneath him. At least that explained the sudden need.

“Idiot,” Blurr hissed as he dragged Starscream’s aft back toward him and plunged into the Seeker’s valve.

Starscream’s knees dug into the berth as he flopped onto his cockpit. He clawed at the berth, talons ripping furrows in the expensive cover.

“You should still be in a CR chamber at the least,” Blurr snapped as he plunged into Starscream’s valve, over and over again, setting up a hard and fast pace.

“Don’t need one,” Starscream gasped out. His wings fluttered and his field spiked with desperate need. He gripped at the berth, tucking his elbows beneath him, and buried his face in the berth.

The fabric muffled another heavy moan as Starscream clenched down on Blurr’s spike and overloaded for a second time. A wave of charge danced over his frame, briefly setting the room alight with blue fire.

His aft pushed back toward Blurr, forcing Blurr deeper, the head of his spike grinding against Starscream’s ceiling node. His hips circled, all but using Blurr as a frag toy.

Which was what happened when you didn’t give your spark time to adjust to your brand new frame, provided you survived the transfer in the first place. Part of Starscream’s behavior was instinctive, a desperate search for sensation to ground him into his frame.

If he’d just spent a cycle in a regen chamber, he’d have been fine. But, no. Starscream didn’t want to be that vulnerable, Blurr was sure. But he was perfectly fine with stripping himself of battle armor and heavy weaponry?

Contradiction, thy name was Starscream.

Blurr waited out the last few tremors of Starscream’s overload before he started to thrust again. He heard a pop as Starscream’s spike panel popped, his spike finally emerging.

“Primus,” Starscream moaned as his frame started to shake. His thin armor twitched and shifted aside, giving glimpses to the shiny new cables beneath.

“It’s your own damned fault,” Blurr said. He shifted his weight on his knees so that he could free up his hands.

He set himself to exploring, tracing new seams with his fingertips and digging between them to flirt with the protoform beneath. Starscream honest-to-Primus whimpered and rocked on his knees, pushing back toward Blurr. His valve grasped at Blurr’s spike as though desperate to keep them connected.

“Sh-shut up,” Starscream stuttered, his vocals muffled by the berth. Fabric ripped as his talons tangled further in it. “Just… don’t stop.” The last almost sounded like a plea.

“Couldn’t even if I tried,” Blurr said.

His hands flirted over sleek plating, hot from Starscream’s rising internal temperature, but so smooth and sleek. His new frame wasn’t practical, but damn was it attractive. Blurr’s internals flipped with desire. His spike swelled.

His palms flattened over the backs of Starscream’s wings and the response was electric. Starscream gasped, his helm tossing back and his valve tightening down. Another wave of charge danced over his frame. A third overload made Starscream’s vents stutter. He became a creature of motion, rocking back and forth on the berth, keeping Blurr deep within him. His valve didn’t rest, cycling back up toward another overload.

Blurr smirked and curled his fingers over the top edge of Starscream’s wing. He dragged a grip along the edge and was rewarded with a thin whine of need. Starscream’s thrusters roared. His engine growled.

More lubricant slopped between them. Starscream’s valve was a mess of heat and fluids, but it continued to cycle down tighter and tighter on Blurr’s spike. Their nodes and receptors synced, charge flickering back and forth between them. Blurr’s helm drooped as arousal tightened into a coil.

He hunched forward, gasping as his knees wobbled. Overload crashed over him and he slammed his hips against Starscream’s aft, shooting his transfluid deep into the Seeker. He panted for cooler air, which Starscream seemed to steal from the room, and ground against Starscream.

Blurr slumped onto Starscream, draped across the Seeker’s back. His knees were wobbling and Starscream sagged beneath him – Blurr was actually heavier than him now. One hand continued to pet the flat planes of Starscream’s wings, charge rising up to nip at his fingertips.

“You’re too heavy,” Starscream gasped as he tried to buck up against Blurr. His valve clutched at Blurr’s depressurizing spike.

He was only half-hard, though his spike twitched with reviving spirit. Starscream’s valve was wet and snug and everything in Starscream’s field screamed desire.

Blurr shifted his weight as best he could, precariously balanced on his knees. One hand worked beneath Starscream’s frame, fingers seeking Starscream’s spike. The Seeker moaned as Blurr circled the dripping tip before curling around the painfully rigid length.

He rolled his hips, rocking his re-awakening spike in Starscream’s valve.

“One more?” Blurr asked as Starscream shook beneath him. The Seeker’s spike throbbed in his fingers.

He shifted again, letting go of Starscream’s wing to work his other arm around the Seeker’s much thinner waist. He sought out Starscream’s throbbing nub, the anterior node hot and swollen with need.

Starscream didn’t answer.

Blurr nipped at his backstrut, denta grazing along a decorative spur. “Starscream?”

“Yes,” Starscream moaned, his aft pressing against Blurr’s in tiny circles. He’d tucked his elbows in close to his cockpit and buried his face between his arms, as if he were trying to hide his desperation. “Harder.”

The need in his vocals pinged straight to Blurr’s array. His spike swelled again, notching into all the empty space left in Starscream’s valve. Calipers eagerly latched onto his spike, nodes sending out pulses of charge to activate his receptors.

Blurr shivered and squeezed Starscream’s spike. His fingers worked circles around Starscream’s throbbing node. Starscream’s hips followed his motions, torn between rolling back on Blurr’s spike, or thrusting into his fingers.

Blurr’s helm rested on Starscream’s backstrut. He ex-vented heat on the Seeker’s plating as he tried to keep himself under control. But it was too hard with Starscream’s field tugging at his, demanding more and more and more. Heat buffeted him from all directions. Starscream was making all these needy, wanton noises.

Blurr ground against Starscream’s aft, grinding on Starscream’s ceiling node. He rolled his fingers over Starscream’s swollen node and pinched it.

Starscream full-frame shivered. A low moan rolled through his chassis. His valve absolutely rippled and his spike pulsed.

Blurr licked his lips and rocked his hips again. He was cycling fast toward another overload of his own. He pinched at Starscream’s node again, causing the Seeker to jerk in his arms. A low whine echoed from Starscream’s engine. He panted, vents working so hard they rattled Starscream’s entire frame.

Almost there.

Blurr squeezed Starscream’s spike, feeling it pulse within his fingers. He rubbed the flat of his finger over Starscream’s nub and then pinched it again, harder this time.

Starscream spasmed. His helm lifted from the berth, a spiraling cry spilling from his vocalizer. His entire frame went rigid as he overloaded for a fourth time, valve cycling so tight on Blurr’s spike he could barely thrust. A wave of charge spilled over Starscream’s frame, and leapt onto Blurr’s. It tingled at his protoform and dragged Blurr into his second release of the evening.

They collapsed, panting, onto the berth. Starscream sprawled out beneath him, vents whirring so fast they rattled. His entire frame was shaking, plating reshuffling over his protoform as though it couldn’t remember it’s proper configuration. Starscream’s field gradually settled.

Blurr pulled his arms out from beneath Starscream and shifted so that he was no longer within Starscream. He tilted onto his side, one leg still draped over Starscream’s. His own frame was shaking a little. Exhaustion tugged at him. He, after all, had worked an entire cycle. He was tired before he even showed up here.

Condensation painted his frame. He wanted a cube of energon and a helping of coolant, but both required getting off the berth.

He didn’t think either of them were going to do that soon.

He looked at Starscream, but Starscream’s face was turned away from him. The Seeker was sprawled partially on his front, one arm tucked under his helm. His wings were shivering and his frame exuded heat like a furnace. One drawn up knee gave Blurr fleeting glimpses of the Seeker’s wet, sticky valve. His pleats were still swollen, but his anterior node had softened.

Intrigued, Blurr dragged a gentle finger over the swollen folds and was rewarded with a soft shiver from the Seeker. Starscream shifted, drawing up his knee a few more inches and opening himself to Blurr’s careful explorations, even though he could hear the Seeker cycling down into recharge. It had to be a purely instinctive response still.

Starscream made a noise of protest, even though his fans were cycling down. Tremors still wracked his frame.

Blurr stopped and pushed himself upright.


“Mn?” Starscream didn’t sound all that aware.

Blurr leaned over him, careful not to let their frames touch. Starscream’s optics were shuttered, his swollen lips parted by a fraction. Energon darted the swollen metalmesh. He must have been biting his lips to keep himself quieter.

“Starscream,” Blurr repeated, louder this time.

Optics slitted open, a dim glow of crimson beneath. His glossa flicked over his lips. “What?”

“We need to talk,” Blurr said. He meant it, too. Except that his arm was wobbling and the urge to recharge kept pinging at his processor. He amended himself with, “Tomorrow. You’re not going to put me off again.”

“Mm hm.” Starscream’s optics slitted back shut. His ex-vents whooshed out, cooler than before but still ripe with heat.

He had to be exhausted because normally, at this time, Starscream would be griping about the mess on the berth and the mess on his frame. He would demand that Blurr take care of him, or drag Blurr into the washracks with him.

Blurr sighed and tried to climb over Starscream’s frame. Time to make himself scarce, he figured. Not from the apartment, otherwise Starscream might make an excuse to avoid their conversation, but the couch in the main room looked comfortable enough.

He didn’t manage to get a single pede over the edge of the berth before Starscream shifted and a hand lashed out, grabbing onto Blurr’s arm. He had a moment to cycle his optics before Starscream rolled and pulled Blurr half under him. He snuggled into Blurr’s side, threw a leg over Blurr’s hip, and trapped him in place.

Sure, Starscream was a lot lighter. It would hardly be a challenge for him to toss the Seeker off. But Starscream’s arm was curled around his, Starscream’s faceplate was buried against his chassis, and Starscream’s frame was a purring warmth against his own. Blurr twitched, and Starscream clung all the tighter.

Blurr sighed a ventilation. It wouldn’t be the first time.

He checked his fluid levels. While he would prefer to get up and retrieve some energon and coolant, he could wait until morning. It didn’t seem like his berthmate was going to let go anytime soon.

Which, he reflected, was another symptom of the frame change.

He supposed all he could do was try and get comfortable now and address it in the morning. Starscream had better talk to him.



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