[TiA] The First Offer

“I have a proposition for you.”

Blurr didn’t look up from swiping the cloth over the bar top. “Not interested,” he said in a flat tone.

Of course, when did one refusal ever work on a Seeker?

“You haven’t heard me out yet,” Starscream said, leaning against the bar, wings arched and flared with the intent to entice.

“Because I’m not interested,” Blurr repeated and narrowed his optics at Starscream. “Never was.”

Starscream grinned. “Oh, I’m not so sure about that. Because if I’m right, we’ll both come out on top.”

Blurr barked a laugh, flashing Starscream an old smirk, dredged up from his racing orns. “I’m always on top.”

“You see, that’s what I like about you, Blurr. Your confidence.” Starscream fluttered his wings as though trying to draw Blurr’s attention toward them.

Blurr turned his back on the Seeker, his plating itching between his shoulders as it always did when there was a Decepticon behind him. Especially this one. It didn’t matter that the war was “over.” Certain suspicions wouldn’t end that easily.

“Oh, is that all?” he asked.

His comm system pinged, the ident code registering Jazz. Did he need help? Hardly. Blurr pinged back reassurance. He had this. Still, it was nice to know he had back up.

“I could go on but it might be considered inappropriate for such a public setting.”

Blurr put down his rag and tilted his helm toward his other server, letting the mech know he was stepping out for a klik. He turned back to Starscream and headed for the swinging panel to exit the bar. Starscream matched him step for step.

“Since when do you care about propriety?” Blurr asked, well aware that they were attracting attention. Oh, the former Autobots and Decepticons scattered around his bar were being unobtrusive, but it was obvious they were looking. It was rare for such tasty gossip to be put on display.

“Since that DJ of yours can’t keep his optics off me,” Starscream replied, tilting his helm toward Jazz on stage. Of course he would notice. Jazz wasn’t exactly subtle.

Blurr stepped out of the bar, door swinging shut behind him, and leaned against the exterior siding. Starscream moved closer, near-crowding him, but keeping his hands to himself at least. It was an intimidation tactic, not that Blurr was intimidated.

“It’s not often that mechs as… popular as yourself come here,” Blurr said and folded his arms. “What do you want, Starscream?”

Starscream tilted forward, his ex-vents washing over Blurr’s frame. “What I’ve always wanted, my dear racer,” he purred, less screechy and more seductive.

Blurr scoffed. “Power?”


His huffed a ventilation. “I don’t believe you.”

“Well,” Starscream drawled, helm tilting left and right. “First comes one, then comes the other. It’s a process.”

He wondered if that coy manner ever worked on the Decepticons. It certainly wasn’t working on Blurr.

He ground his denta. “What you want from me?”

Starscream’s lips curled into a grin. “Your cooperation.”


“Oh, we can discuss details later. And elsewhere.” Starscream gave him a sly look. “We are, after all, in public.”

Blurr was not impressed. Curious, but unimpressed. “I’m a busy mech, Starscream.”

“As am I.”

Sure he was, with his lofty plans of planet-wide domination and gaining leadership of a mostly defunct faction. Blurr barely kept himself from rolling his optics.

Starscream pulled back, but not before his field wafted a teasing caress. “I’ll comm you the details at a later time, yes?”

“I’ll try not to ignore it,” Blurr retorted, well aware that Jazz watched them more intently now.

Starscream laughed. “And I’ll make sure to build an offer you can’t refuse.”

“We’ll see.”

Starscream left. Blurr watched him go, his backstrut itching. A sudden urge to run and keep on running nagged at the back of his processor. His legs jittered as though intending to follow through with the urge. Blurr cycled a ventilation and swallowed it down.

“Care to share?” Jazz asked, approaching from the shadows.

Blurr shook his helm. “I honestly don’t know myself.”

“You gonna find out?”

His optics cycled down. “I might be that curious.”

Jazz patted him on the shoulder. “Just watch yourself,” he warned. “That Seeker loves to sink his claws in deep.”

Blurr grinned. “He can try.” He turned back toward his bar, his pride and joy. “But he’d have to catch me first.”


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