[TiA] Priorities

The lights hadn’t flickered in several cycles. Blurr supposed that meant someone, somewhere was doing their job. Why the power had been inconsistent in the first place, well, they were still trying to figure that out.

Everyone suspected sabotage. Everyone pointed fingers. But no one had any proof. Or if they did, they weren’t offering it.

Blurr had the feeling Starscream had all kinds of evidence. He wasn’t sharing it though. Because Starscream was a hoarder of secrets. Especially if he could use them for his own purposes or as leverage later.

Therefore, when the power stabilized and the outcries devolved to mutterings, Blurr wasn’t surprised to look up from a sudden rush of construction workers to see Starscream in the corner of his bar. It was a surprise, however, that Starscream was being rather unobtrusive. He was tucked into a back corner, almost in the shadows, without his crowd of sycophants.

Mechs recognized him, of course. But the baleful look in the Seeker’s optics must have kept them from approaching him. There was a bubble of solitude around him. Even with the bar as crowded as it was, no one sat in the seats surrounding Starscream.

To others, he probably looked angry.

To Blurr, Starscream looked like he was, of all things, sulking.

Blurr shook his helm. Seekers and their mood shifts. Whatever. He had work to do. But he did keep an optic on Starscream, always a wise move. And he didn’t miss when Starscream’s odorous spy crept in, offered something to the Seeker, and then crept back out.

Whatever it was propelled Starscream from a sulk into irritation. Even better, Blurr thought with much sarcasm. It was arguable which was truly worse.

So he let Starscream stew, nursing the same drink he’d apparently started his evening with, and tended to his customers. Jazz took the stage, entertained the crowd, and gave Blurr some breathing room. He had just enough time to clean a mess or two and restock a few things from the back room before another rush hit.

By the time business died enough that he was able to give Starscream a second look, Starscream hadn’t moved. Blurr would have laid a bet that he still had the same glass of engex. Part of him was surprised that the Seeker continued to linger.

Business slowed. A recording crackled through the speakers. Time ticked toward closing and all those who remained were the dedicated customers. Those that had been nursing their cubes all night, or those that were so sotted their friends would have to drag them back to whatever berth they called home.

Jazz took up a post behind the bar, tilting his helm toward Starscream as though Blurr hadn’t noticed him.

“Best tend to yon dark cloud of Seeker over there,” Jazz said. “He’s your responsibility now.”

Blurr would have liked nothing more than to refute that statement but frag it, Jazz was right. He’d let Starscream into his berth and his bar. He had only himself to blame.

Blurr sighed, signed off, and grabbed something of his own to drink. It was mid-grade, but flavored to his liking. He’d found a new distaste for engex as of late. Maybe because he spent all day serving it.

Starscream didn’t look up as he approached, and there was barely acknowledgment when Blurr sat down across from him.

“Well,” Blurr said, slumping into the booth. “Nice to see you, too. How was your cycle? Mine was busy, as you can see, but I’m sure yours was full of parties and laughter.”

Red optics narrowed. “Sarcasm doesn’t become you,” Starscream finally said. He tapped a finger on the edge of his engex glass.

Blurr smirked. “I thought that was how we communicated. I don’t know any other language.” He sipped at his midgrade, relaxing into the booth as the energon hit his tanks. He was getting antsy, the urge to go for a race crawling through his circuits.

But he couldn’t leave a brooding Starscream in the corner of his bar. Someone might inadvertently offend him, and then Blurr would have a bar to repair again, and he’d just finished fixing it from the last riot.

Starscream tilted his helm. “You are not as charming as you think you are.”

“Of course I am.” Blurr leaned against the edge of the table and grinned. “Managed to charm you, didn’t I?”

A smirk tugged at Starscream’s lipplates. He leaned forward, bracing his elbows on the table. “And yet you’re the one who has yet to say ‘no’.”


Blurr huffed a laugh. “You caught me there. I still don’t know what I was thinking.”

“I have an idea,” Starscream purred and Blurr had to bite back a groan.

There was something sinful about Starscream’s vocals when he dropped them like that. The sound seemed to travel straight to Blurr’s backstrut, pinging his interfacing array. His grip tightened on his cube.

He rebooted his vocalizer and tried to steer the conversation somewhere a little less arousing. “I take it you didn’t come here to flirt with me.”

“Actually, I did.” Starscream leaned back in the booth, flicking his wings to make them comfortable. “I’ve had enough business for today. I’m sick of it. I just want the pleasure.”

“So now I’m your personal frag toy?”

Starscream popped an orbital ridge. “Are you objecting?”

Primus but Blurr wished he could. Wouldn’t that make everything so much simpler if he cut that part out of their arrangement?

“No, but I am the owner of this establishment.” He made a broad gesture to his bar which he suddenly noticed was a lot emptier than before. “And I do have responsibilities.”

“Delegate, Blurr,” Starscream said. He lifted his engex and drained the glass all at once, his glossa flicking over his lips to clean them. “That’s what all great leaders learn to do.”

Blurr, suddenly, couldn’t think of a good reason not to do so. “You are a bad influence.”

“The very worst.” Starscream rose to his pedes, wings flicking out behind him as he inched out of the booth. “I’ll be waiting upstairs. Whether or not I’m still online depends on how fast you join me.”

He all but strutted across the bar, showing off for what few patrons remained, and making sure that all of them saw him go through the door that led up to Blurr’s loft. Putting on a show, even now, so that there was no doubt he and Blurr were aligned.

Blurr finished off his energon and abandoned the booth as well. No matter how enticing Starscream could be, Blurr did have responsibilities. He needed to be behind the bar.

No sooner had he walked toward it, however, did Jazz wave him off. “I got this, boss,” he drawled with a half-lit wink of his visor. “Trust me, keepin’ Starscream waitin’ is in nobody’s best interest.”

He set the empty cup on the counter, narrowing his optics. “Are you telling me that I have to frag Starscream for the sake of Cybertron?”

Jazz burst into laughter and almost dropped the bottle of engex he was holding. “Oh, Primus. Please let me be there when you tell Starscream I said that.”

Blurr grinned. “No thanks. I like my spike where it is.” Meaning attached, because Starscream would probably claw it off. And then his optics. And his finials. And his thigh vents. And whatever else he thought was delicate and sensitive and could make Blurr beg for mercy.

Still chuckling, Jazz shook his helm. “Wise mech. Now go. Before I change my mind.”

Blurr half-saluted in appreciation and made a beeline for the door, well aware that the last few of his patrons were paying attention. He was sure it was all part of Starscream’s plan. Besides, maybe in the relative privacy of the apartment, Blurr could figure out whatever it was that had the Seeker’s wires in a twist. Not to mention what Rattrap had given him.

Upstairs, all of the lights were dimmed, but through the open door to his berth, Blurr could see Starscream’s biolights. The Seeker sprawled upon Blurr’s berth as though it belonged to him. Which really was par for the course with Starscream.

“About time,” Starscream admonished.

“Do you expect me to drop everything any time you feel like stopping by?” Blurr retorted.

He eyed his berth. Starscream hadn’t left much room for him. He’d also rearranged the covers and the mesh pillows for his personal comfort. One leg was drawn up, knee bent, and one hand palmed the panel protecting his interfacing equipment. There was nothing of shame in his field.

Blurr doubted Starscream knew what shame felt like.

Starscream grinned. “Do I really need to answer that?” His free hand lifted and a finger crooked at Blurr. “Get up here.”

“You’re lucky you’re good in the berth, you know that?” Blurr grumbled because frag it all, he obeyed. Hard to resist that kind of frank invitation.

“There are many things at which I excel,” Starscream replied with a grin.

Blurr made as if to straddle Starscream’s waist, but a leg wrapped around his torso and pulled. He tilted forward, hips notching between Starscream’s thighs as he caught himself with his palms to either side of Starscream’s helm.

“Huh,” Blurr said. “I take it you want to be spiked.”

“That was the idea,” Starscream purred. His hips rolled upward in a move that had to be illegal, their armor rasping together. “I’ve been doing all the work so far. It’s time you earned your keep.”

“He says while drinking my product and laying in my berth above my bar,” Blurr muttered, but Starscream’s hand wrapped around his helm and dragged him down for a kiss and well, arguing seemed least important at the moment.

Especially when Starscream’s panels slid open and he ground his valve against Blurr’s array, leaving a smear of wetness behind. Their glossas tangled as Starscream’s free hand pushed between their bodies, fingers sliding through the folds and wetness of his valve before pawing at Blurr’s panel.

It sprang open beneath Starscream’s touch, unsurprising, and Blurr moaned as Starscream guided his spike to the Seeker’s wet opening. He had every intention of taking it slow, of enjoying the steady push and the greedy clutch of Starscream’s valve. But legs wrapped around his waist and tugged him down, forcing him deep.

Blurr broke off the kiss with a gasp, pleasure zinging down his backstrut. For all that he was the one doing the spiking, it still felt like Starscream was in control.

“And here I am, still doing all the work,” Starscream purred.

Both arms wrapped around Blurr’s neck as Starscream arched up against him, hips circling in a manner that ground Blurr’s spike deep within his valve. Starscream’s calipers rippled up and down the length of his unit. Blurr panted, his helm tilting forward. His forehelm rested against Starscream’s, his fingers kneading the berth.

“You are exasperating,” Blurr retorted as he shifted his weight just enough to grant him some leverage. He rocked into Starscream and was rewarded with a full frame shiver from the Seeker.

“And yet, here you are.” Starscream grinned with a flash of sharpened denta, which seemed to be a Decepticon standard.

“Guess I just can’t stay away,” Blurr gasped and ground into Starscream, pleasure flushing through his systems in a blaze of need.

Starscream tilted his helm up and dragged Blurr’s back down for another kiss, his denta nibbling at Blurr’s lips. He greedily licked at Blurr’s mouth, his hips rolling and rocking against Blurr’s. His valve clutched and grasped at Blurr’s spike, as if determined to pull the overload right out of him.

It worked.

Blurr was helpless to the pleasure as Starscream’s valve milked his spike and sent him moaning into the fastest, sharpest overload he’d had in quite some time. His engine raced, shaking the berth, and Starscream writhed beneath him as he overloaded as well. Starscream bit Blurr’s lip before tossing his helm back and screaming. His valve convulsed, lubricant soaking the space between them.

Blurr groaned, his sensitive spike twitching within Starscream’s valve. “Primus,” he muttered.

Starscream’s thighs tightened around his waist. “Don’t recharge on me yet,” the Seeker purred. “That was only round one.”

“Round one?” Blurr yelped as his world was abruptly upended.

Starscream had them flipped in short order, pinning Blurr beneath him on the berth, still firmly seated upon Blurr’s spike.

“I’m rather frustrated, my dear accomplice,” Starscream said as his spike emerged and he wrapped fingers around it. “And I’ve been told interfacing is a more acceptable means of working out my frustrations. Yes?”

Blurr’s hands found Starscream’s waist as Starscream’s calipers rippled up and down his spike once again. “Now I’m just an available for you to use?”

Starscream thumbed the head of his spike and gave Blurr a wicked smirk. “Not just,” he said. “But my favorite.”

He wasn’t sure if he should take that as a compliment or not.

“I’m honored,” Blurr drawled.

Starscream chuckled. “As well you should be.” He rolled his hips, squeezing down on Blurr’s valve. “Now why don’t you make yourself useful and frag me?”

Never let it be said that Blurr ignored an opportunity when it knocked.

He supposed he would just have to ask Starscream about Rattrap later.


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