[TiA] Fireworks

Rowdy fights that caused property damage were not the way Blurr enjoyed ending a business day. His only consolation was that it wasn’t an interfactional dispute but rather a matter of romantic entanglement.


Blurr tossed all three mechs on their afts and banned them from returning until they paid for what they’d broken. None of this came cheap! What couldn’t be built had to be imported from what few planets were still willing to do business with Cybertronians. Blurr struggled, even with Swindle’s discounts.

Worse, Jazz was out doing shadowy Jazz business and hadn’t been around to help deal with the aftermath. True, his business had been Blurr’s, but frag it, Blurr could have used the extra hands. Maybe it was time to look into hiring more help? Sky-Byte was always offering to do more than provide musical back-up for Jazz.

Blurr blamed Starscream. If that Seeker hadn’t come strutting into his bar and announcing to the biggest group of gossips that he and Blurr were sympatico then everything could have remained quiet. But Starscream was like a force of nature, affecting everything around him, even if only tangentially.

Blurr scraped a hand down his face, left the rest of the cleaning for tomorrow, and dragged his tired frame upstairs to his apartment. He thought only of a quick wipedown and then collapsing onto his berth, perhaps not even in that order.

He was exhausted.

Which meant when he found Starscream lounging on his berth, lying in wait, Blurr was equally surprised and frustrated.

Starscream smirked.

Blurr didn’t give him a second glance. “How’d you get in here?”

“Oh, I have my ways.”

Blurr sighed. Why did he bother asking?

“Go home, Starscream. I don’t have the energy to do this with you.”

“Do what?” The Seeker portrayed fake innocence with well-posed wings. “I’m only here to negotiate the terms of our agreement. Draw boundaries. Et cetera.” One hand flicked through the air.

Blurr eyed Starscream around a cabinet door. “What would you know of boundaries?” He pulled out a damp washrag, too tired to even think of hitting the communal washracks. Some day, he hoped to install a private rack.


Starscream chuckled and stretched out, unsurprisingly hitting all the right angles to make his freshly waxed plating gleam. “They have their uses. Rough night?” There wasn’t an ounce of sympathy in his tone.

Blurr swiped the rag over his frame in quick, efficient strokes. “What makes you say that?”

The lights flickered and both of them paused, waiting to see if it would hold. The fluctuations were getting more frequent, Blurr noticed with a pang of sadness. If only Wheeljack were still alive…

“Oh, I don’t know,” Starscream said once the moment had passed. “Your less than welcoming attitude?”

Blurr treated Starscream to a glare.

The Seeker smirked. “You know, I’ve always found a little romp on the berth works wonders for my disposition.”

Blurr tossed the rag back into the cabinet and approached his berth, planting his hands on his hips. “Do you play this desperate with all your toys? Or am I just special because I was your third choice?”

He didn’t get so much as a flinch from Starscream, though the self-proclaimed ruler popped an orbital ridge. “Are you offended or jealous?”

“Neither. Jazz is a hot piece of aft.”

Starscream outright laughed. “Mmm. Yes, he is. And politically the better choice.” He paused and tilted his helm. “But I think you and I are more compatible.”

Right. Like Blurr was going to fall for that one in a sparkbeat.

He folded his arms and tapped a pede, staring at Starscream who decided now was the perfect time to slide off the berth. His field slinked against Blurr’s with hot anticipation, like a caress, and Blurr’s own plating flared as though inviting Starscream deeper.

His frame betrayed him.

Starscream’s fingers slid down the side of his helm, tickling his helm vents. “I could beg if you like,” he murmured.

Blurr snorted a ventilation. “I hear you’re good at it.”

Starscream’s lips curled ever so slowly and heat sizzled between them.

Gone was the exhaustion, replaced by spark-throbbing want. Oh, the irritation lingered, but Blurr figured that was par for the course when it came to Starscream.

“There are many things at which I excel,” Starscream purred and then he lowered himself to his knees, ex-venting heat over Blurr’s panel. “Open.”

His panel clicked aside with a speed that would have been embarrassing if he wasn’t too tired to care. His spike pressurized just as quickly, pushing toward Starscream’s mouth as though magnetically drawn.

Any taunt he could have formed died in his vocalizer as Starscream swallowed his spike down to the base in one fell swoop, intake flexing against the sensor-rich head. Blurr made a strangled noise, arms uncrossing and hands groping for something and settling on Starscream’s shoulders.

Starscream made an amused noise, his glossa flickering at Blurr’s spike in long sweeps that drew arcs of charge. Blurr moaned, fingers curling into a gap in Starscream’s armor and holding on.

“Primus,” he groaned, hips rocking into the wet warmth of Starscream’s mouth.

Hands gripped Blurr’s hips, holding him in place. Starscream withdrew, a long heated slide of glossa and denta, teasing at the tip of his spike.

Starscream was on his knees, doing all the work, but somehow Blurr felt as though he were the one at Starscream’s service.

His other panel popped, lubricant leaking from his valve and trickling down his thighs. His calipers cycled restlessly, remembering all too well how good Starscream’s spike had felt in him.

Starscream hummed around his spike, and then there was a brush of fingers around the sensor-rich rim of Blurr’s valve. Blurr’s engine revved, heat flushing his entire system as his knees wobbled.

Two fingers plunge into his valve, curling against the interior nodes. Blurr’s vocalizer spat static.

Starscream chuckled around his mouthful before drawing back with a lewd slurp. “So,” he said, glossa flicking against the tip of Blurr’s spike. “Shall we move this to the berth or do you still lack the energy?” His fingers crooked again, lubricant soaking them. “I can leave, if you like.”

Blurr affixed the Seeker with a glare, his grip on Starscream’s shoulders tightening. “Don’t you fragging dare,” he growled and bucked his hips. “You better finish what you started.”

“I always do.” Starscream withdrew his fingers and popped them into his mouth, noisily cleaning them of Blurr’s lubricant as he locked gazes with Blurr.

Fragging sexy-aft Seekers.

Blurr growled and hauled Starscream up, sealing their lips together with a near-violent kiss. He could taste himself on Starscream’s glossa, and he moaned into the kiss. Starscream’s engine raced, vibrating himself and Blurr and Blurr’s spike rubbed against the Seeker’s thighs, leaving a streak of fluid behind.

Hands grabbed him, hauling him backward, and Blurr went willingly. Starscream bumped into the berth and with a muffled laugh, tossed Blurr atop it in a splay of limbs. Starscream crawled after him, red optics glittering with heat.

“This doesn’t feel like a negotiation to me,” Blurr said.

Starscream smirked and dipped his helm, mouth painting a hot trail up Blurr’s ventral armor, tonguing the vent slats. He crouched over Blurr like a bird of prey, wings arched and trembling behind him.

“It’s the preliminaries,” Starscream purred and those fingers returned to Blurr’s valve, pushing through the mess of lubricant to rub the mesh.

He groaned and arched his hips, gripping the berth covering. “Then I’m not impressed yet.”

Starscream’s answer was to swallow his spike again, intake working the sensitive head. Dear Primus. Blurr shuttered his optics, thrusting up into Starscream’s mouth, his vents snapping open and blasting heat.

Starscream nipped at his spike and then pulled back. “Perhaps I can change your mind,” he said, gripping Blurr’s hips, his panel snapping open.

Blurr locked his legs around Starscream’s waist, urging him onward with a press of his heels. “Doubt it,” he argued and then tossed his helm back as Starscream rolled his hips and pushed home.

The Seeker chuckled and bottomed out, grinding their arrays together. He bent over Blurr, nipping at his finials. “This,” he murmured, “is not part of the deal.”

“Of course it isn’t,” Blurr said and gripped Starscream’s side, hooking his fingers on thick armor paneling to keep the Seeker in place. He rolled his hips upward, spike bumping against Starscream’s armor in a slick slide.

“So long as that’s clear,” Starscream said and closed his mouth over Blurr’s, a kiss that held more violence than tenderness and was all the better for it.

Blurr moaned into Starscream’s mouth as the Seeker picked up the pace, withdrawing only to slam into him, as though he planned to frag Blurr straight through the berth.

Metal rattled beneath them. The berth shook. Heat swept Blurr up in a mind-dizzying flurry. He clenched down on Starscream’s spike, felt the ridges rake against every node within his valve. The Seeker’s weight pinned him down against the berth and he groaned into the kiss, hearing the sloppy push of their frames together.

Need built inside of him with a speed that was almost alarming. And Starscream fared little better, his thrusts increasing with earnest, his frame venting heat into the room.

Overload struck with all the subtlety of a plasma bolt. Blurr arched up beneath Starscream, hands clutching any available hold, his spike spurting and his valve squeezing down hard. Electricity crawled out from beneath his plating, snapping sharply against Starscream’s, drawing something like a whine from the Seeker’s vocalizer.

He broke off the kiss, tossed his helm back, and followed Blurr over the edge, the wet splash of transfluid joining the mess of lubricant soaking Blurr’s array. Starscream’s field blanketed his, heavy with satiation and approval.

Blurr gave Starscream the count of three kliks before he heaved upward, tipping the Seeker on his side. Starscream squawked, of all noises, and flailed, giving Blurr ample time to pin him down with well-placed hands and knees.

“My turn,” he declared.

Starscream parted his thighs and arched his backstrut. “Do you see me complaining?” he purred.

Blurr smirked. They might break the berth after all.


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