[TiA] Banking the Flames

Starscream’s berth was as ostentatious as the rest of his suite of rooms. It was large enough for three mechs, and was both plush and heated.

Blurr gaped at it for longer than was logical before Starscream tugged him toward it. Then Blurr forgot the berth because their mouths crashed together, Starscream’s hands mapping every micron of Blurr’s plating within reach. Starscream’s field was hot with charge as it drizzled over Blurr’s frame.

He shivered, pawing at the Seeker like a half-starved mech. High grade simmered in his tanks. His higher processing functions had given way to lust, and Blurr’s thoughts were less on interrogation and more on how he could get Starscream on that fragging berth.

And then Starscream had to ruin it all by talking.

“You never answered my question,” he said, nibbling on Blurr’s crest.

“Nnn.” Not a reply, barely vocal.

Blurr arched up, pressing hard against Starscream, heat pooling in his array. His spark pulsed, his spike throbbed, and what fragging question was Starscream talking about?

The Seeker chuckled. “Well?”

Blurr huffed a ventilation and shoved Starscream back toward the berth. “Are politics all you think about?”

Starscream backed away willingly, because Blurr’s push had little power behind it. All his strength was in his legs, his lower hydraulics, not his arms. And Starscream out-massed him. He moved because he wanted to.

“I have more than a one-track mind,” Starscream purred, optics glittering. “I can easily mix work with play.”

“Well, I don’t.” Blurr leaned closer, hands skimming Starscream’s thighs, the scent of the Seeker’s fine polish invading his olfactory sensors. “At least not until I know whether it’s worth it.”

A hum vibrated through Starscream’s chassis. “I’m always worth it.”

“Prove it.”

The challenge hung in the air between them, waiting. Starscream’s optics brightened; Blurr’s ventilations stalled.

He was not disappointed.

Starscream grabbed him and Blurr responded in kind. They half-stumbled, half-wrestled to the berth. It was easy for the Seeker to pick Blurr up and toss him onto the cushioned surface. But Blurr had only to lay the bait as Starscream climbed after him, gaze sharp like a predator thinking its prey cornered.

Blurr smirked, legs splaying invitingly, finger crooked.

“You have no shame,” Starscream said, wings cocked above him, field a sensuous press of desire. “I like that.”

Blurr rolled his shoulders. “Why bother? We both know why I’m here.”

“Actually, I’m not too sure.” Starscream crawled over him, knees bracketing Blurr’s hips, hands to either side of his shoulders. “But don’t think that means I’m not going to take advantage.”

Blurr hooked his fingers in Starscream’s chestplate, right on those helpful handholds. “I wouldn’t expect anything less,” he said, and surged upward, executing a takedown that would have made Kup proud, especially with interfacing applications.

In a flash, their positions were reversed, Starscream’s back against the berth and Blurr triumphant above him, his powerful legs locked in place. His fingers encircled Starscream’s wrists and pressed against nerve lines that rendered his hands useless.

“After all,” Blurr said with a grin, circling his hips atop Starscream’s pelvic array, metal gliding against metal in a hot purr. His panel snapped open, lubricant dripping with a plip-plop. “I always come out on top.”

“I’m impressed.” Starscream’s vents surged to life with enough force to rattle the berth. “Though you can’t think to hold this for long.”

“I don’t have to.” Blurr ground down, feeling the heat in the panel beneath him and knowing it matched the heat in his circuits. “Open up, flyboy.”

Starscream chuckled, but he obeyed, spike pressuring immediately and teasing the rim of Blurr’s valve. “In the end, I’m still getting what I want.”

Blurr circled his hips, caught the head of Starscream’s spike, and then sank down, ever so slowly, relishing the stretch and rub of his internal sensors. “So you think.” He shuddered, pleasure lighting up his sensory net.

It had been far too long since he indulged like this. He intended to take this moment for everything it was worth.

“Mm. Does that mean you’ll listen to my proposal?”

Blurr managed a chuckle, his fingers tightening around Starscream’s wrists as he circled his hips. “Your persistence is impressive.”

Starscream, movement limited as it was, managed an aborted push upward, spike stirring deep within Blurr’s valve. “Impressive enough?”

Blurr leaned closer, near enough that their lips could brush. “We’ll see.”

Starscream smirked.


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