[FFVII] Unfaithful I

I moaned, leaning my head back against the cold brick of the rundown unknown building as my entire body shuddered. Shivers of arousal raced up and down my skin as hot lips traced on my neck, nipping and biting, marking. I would have to cure those later. I couldn’t have any proof… not unless I wanted to face the wrath of a man with the Death Penalty.

Hands tangled in my hair, pulling my head back and further exposing my neck to those plundering lips. A smooth tongue, slick and hungry, slid across my skin. A tight and lean body pressed up against me, and my right arm grabbed at it, pulling closer.
Reno ground against me, and I could feel his hardened cock rubbing against my own. The alleyway was darkened, littered with trash and abandoned, broken goods in the middle of a nearly empty city, but none of that mattered. Not when teeth scraped against my flesh and a questing hand found its way beneath my shirt, ghosting over my skin before finding a nipple and tweaking.

I moaned again, ever the whore.

Reno was fire and passion, spontaneity and fun. He was unplanned and just there, and something I never expected. I thought I would be with him forever. I thought that I was never the type to believe in falling in love, but I had done it. And not once, but twice. Typical of my life. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. I couldn’t seem to get away from the drama; it followed me around like a damn JENOVA-shaped shadow.

I gripped onto that oh-so-bright hair, forcing Reno’s lips upwards so that he was devouring my mouth, tongue diving deep inside. Taking me, claiming me, trying to declare me his own. And I let him. It was always this way. I felt lost in him, overwhelmed by him.

In battle, I could kick Reno’s ass into next week, but in bed, I was under his control. I loved every fucking minute of it, too. He played my body like a finely tuned instrument, finding every sensitive spot and exploiting it with evil accuracy, drawing out the pleasure until I was begging for it, sliding inside of me and completely shattering my carefully constructed world.

It was passion, pure and simple. Needy, possessive, dominating, and ultimately fulfilling. But it wasn’t everything. For the moment, it was what I needed. But it could never be everything. Neither could I give it up either. I needed it; I needed him.

So I devoured his mouth, or to be more precise, I allowed him to consume mine. His tongue greedily dove inside, dueling and fighting, sending sharp stabs of arousal directly through my body and straight to my pulsing groin. I growled and groaned, fingers digging into his side as I pulled him closer. He rolled his hips, and our hardened cocks met again through our clothes.

“I’m going to fuck you right here,” he muttered against my lips, scraping his fingers through my hair and tugging on the blond spikes, a little hint of pain to accentuate the pleasure.

I didn’t care about the strangers passing by in the road a few feet away, what scant ones there were left in Junon anyways. I didn’t care that we were in an alley, surrounded by darkness and the vague sound of dripping water some unknown distance away. I threw my inhibitions to the wind, moaning into his mouth and ignoring the documents sitting in Fenrir, waiting to be delivered.

Fingers worked quickly at my pants, undoing belts, sliding down zippers before diving beneath the fabric, grasping quickly onto my cock and giving it a firm stroke. I moaned, immediately bucking up into the touch. I needed it so much. I needed his touch, to give up and give in. Teeth scraped along my lips before his mouth left mine, and he was biting along my neck, strong and sure strokes racing along my hardened shaft.

And then, the craving hit as it always does, and I licked my lips, instantly desiring to taste him. I sunk to my knees, ignoring his cries of complaint, my eyes falling level with his belt loop. Eager hands quickly undid the metal buckles, zippers sliding down with a faint snap before his cock sprang free, eager and dripping already.

He hissed in arousal, tangling both hands in my hair as he realized my intention. I licked my lips, tongue darting out to lap up the bead of precum first. I rolled the flavor around in my mouth as he bucked forward, eager for me to take him in completely. I settled my hands on his hips, and his fingers tightened in my hair, automatically shoving his cock towards me.

“Oh yeah,” he growled. “Suck me, yo.”

I didn’t waste any time. I drew his entire length into my mouth, wrapping my lips around his shaft and stroking my tongue along the sensitive spots I already knew so well. He sucked in a breath of pleasure as I scraped my teeth lightly along the length before drawing him down my throat, easily relaxing my muscles against the intrusion. I took him deep, his musky scent surrounding me, and I moaned unconsciously, the reverberations enough to cause his hips to flex forward, seeking more and more.

I could feel my own cock filling up further, painfully hard and seeking relief… but not until I had my taste. I worked him in my mouth, combining lips and tongue as I drove him to the brink, leaving a panting and shuddering Turk in my hold. He muttered curses and encouragements under his breath, most whispered orders to suck harder, to swallow him down.

His precum slid slickly down my throat.

Finally, Reno growled, unable to take it anymore. He pulled himself from my mouth with a quick pop, before pulling me to my feet and quickly spinning me around until I faced the wall. My hands shot out to catch me before I slammed face first into the brick. I allowed the manhandling; it was all part of the game, part of the desire and the passion.

We both knew that I could kick his ass if I wanted. And I think he got off on the danger in that. He wanted to see how far he could push me. Little did he know how much I craved what he had to offer. Something I couldn’t get anywhere else.

His body pressed up hard and hot against me from behind, his shaft digging into my back as he jerked down my pants, shoving them to mid-thigh. One hand reached around my body, tweaking already hardened nipples and causing me to gasp in pleasure. It was so good, so hot. It was so wrong but so very damn right that I just couldn’t give a fuck anymore.

Reno’s other hand dug into the pocket of the Turk-issued suit that he still wore, always prepared. His mouth latched onto my shoulder, biting and nipping, teeth scraping across the back of my neck and creating more marks that I would have to fix later with a spell.

Then, I heard the pop of a cap, the squelch of some type of lube, and instantly, my senses heightened. I became hyperaware of ever touch, body anxiously awaiting the first press of a lubed finger. It was getting so hot in the alley, like I was burning up from the inside out, and my cock ached and ached, until I needed something so badly that a whimper escaped from my mouth.

As if reading my needs, his free hand skated down my flat abdomen, dragging blunt nails down the bare skin before firmly grasping my cock, giving it a much needed stroke. I cried out in pleasure, bucking into his touch at the same moment that an oil-slicked finger traced circles around my entrance, a subtle warning before it plunged deep inside, working me quickly. We hadn’t the time for anything long and drawn out. There was no time for games, but for the moment it was enough.

I hung my head, panting in pleasure as I relied on the strength of the brick wall to prop me up. I didn’t think I had the thought to do it on my own anymore, not when the second finger was ruthlessly inserted, twisting and probing until the pair curled against a spot that made me see stars. I cried aloud, a sound I could not have stopped if I tried.

Behind me, Reno laughed, one thumb swiping over the head of my arousal. “So responsive,” he murmured, his tongue laving a path over my ear. He whispered directly into it, voice low and sensual, “I don’t think I’ve ever had a hotter fuck, yo.”

I growled, pushing backwards against the welcome intrusions. “Just shut up… and fuck me!” I ordered. “Don’t treat me like I can break.”

He chuckled again, but I couldn’t be sure if he was amused or taunting. “Yes, we both know you don’t break, don’t we?” he commented, curling his fingers once more against my prostrate before withdrawing them.

I heard the slick sound of his hand rubbing over his own hardened flesh and the echoes of his harsh breathing before hands were placed firmly on my hips. I felt the blunt head of his arousal pressed just outside my entrance, poised but not going any further. He was taunting me with its closeness, and I chewed on my bottom lip, fingers scraping at the brick as I begged him silently to quit teasing.

Before I could think or even draw in another breath, my hips were yanked backwards, and he pushed inside of me in one fell swoop, sinking right to the base of his cock. A cry was caught in my throat as I arched into the thrust, pain mixing so well with pleasure that I bit my lip, throwing my head back. Fingers tightened in their hold on my hips as he withdrew and snapped forward again, not even giving me the time to adjust.

I groaned, my blunt nails digging into the brick as I pushed against the intrusion, striving to take him deeper and harder. It was what I needed, what I harbored and craved. So deep, so hard and fast that I couldn’t even think or breathe. He pressed against my back as he thrust into me, quick and penetrating jabs that scraped across my prostrate until I could feel nothing but pleasure, moans falling from my lips. There were more than I could count.

It began to build up within me in cresting waves that peaked higher and higher. I panted, my head dropping forward and hanging as I lost the battle to hold it up. Teeth scraped along the back of my neck, a particularly sensitive spot, and I shivered, in spite the fire racing along my veins. I felt consumed by it, by the ache and the desire, a burning flame that devoured my every thought until I was nothing but a panting, writhing mess of sheer lust.

One hand dropped to my cock as I grasped onto it desperately, furiously stroking myself to the beat of his thrusts, feeling that it was there, that peak, just behind a block. He growled then, teeth clamping down on the flesh of my shoulder and probably drawing blood. That flash of pain was the last straw, and I roared, my orgasm literally pouring from my body as I spurted all over the dingy brick in front of me, spraying it with ribbons of white cum.

My entire body drew taut as a bowstring, clenching around Reno’s cock as he furiously pummeled at my prostrate, drawing out my orgasm to its fullest extent. My body shuddered as I panted, rolling and writhing on the pulses of pleasure. Reno growled like an animal before he suddenly tensed behind me, snapping my hips backwards as he poured his seed inside of me. I could feel the warmth spreading into me dimly through the haze of gratification that wound about us.

I collapsed back against him, panting as sweat dotted my body, despite the cool hint of a breeze that blew through the alley. He staggered against the weight but managed to keep us upward, his hands clenched firmly to my hips, so hard that I thought there might be more bruises. Yet another thing for me to heal.

I panted, dropping my head to rest it on the wall. I felt Reno’s fingers loosen on my hips. For a second, I could have sworn that they lightly danced across my skin, but I must have imagined it as he pulled them away a few heartbeats later.

It was several moments before I came back to Gaia fully, and that was when Reno began to pull out of me, wet, unattractive sounds accompanying the movement. I struggled to a standing position, working quickly and efficiently to resituate my clothing and ignoring the feeling of his cum leaking out of me. I had already grown accustomed to such occurrences. It only meant I would have to shower later.

I had just managed to get my shirt rezipped and settled about my shoulders when I was whirled around, swept up into another breath-stealing and searing kiss from Reno. He greedily overwhelmed my defenses, pushing his tongue into my mouth until I tasted his familiar flavor: whiskey, cigarettes, and that strange fruity candy he occasionally chomped on.

“We should meet like this more often, yo,” he commented, finally pulling away to give me some breathing room. “Fate was on my side today. For once,” he added with a faint grin.

I scowled at him. “Fate had nothing to do with it. I know you were following me.”

He chuckled, running a hand through his hair, fixing his goggles before he pulled out a cigarette. “Can’t fool the hero of the world, can I?” he questioned, eyeing me with one bright aquamarine eye, which glowed with that all too familiar mako gleam.

A shine I knew also reflected in crimson eyes. I had seen them time enough. That was a taint ShinRa had inflicted on us, but this… I had brought this upon myself. I couldn’t even blame it on that company.

“Be more discreet,” I commanded, shooting him a look.

He cocked a brow. “Why should I do that?” Reno asked, voice a lazy drawl that sent shivers down my spine. “I’ve no other… obligations.”

The meaning in his words was obvious. It was a dangerous game I played, a rope that I walked, barely balancing between the two, but I couldn’t give either up. I needed it. I needed them far too much.

Reno was a tempestuous fool; he cared nothing for my caution. He would do whatever the hell he wanted, when he wanted, with no regards to the consequences. We both knew that.

He sucked deeply on his cigarette before tapping ash against the brick wall of the building. “Friday. Midnight. My place,” he continued, eyeing me with that familiar Turk glare, the kind that puts fear into the hearts of the scum of Midgar, but it did nothing except turn me on. He smirked then, licking his lips at a sudden thought. “I’ve got a new toy to introduce you to, yo.”

An instant flush spread through my body, warmth effusing my lethargic muscles. I remembered well the last “toy” and the long hours spent shivering and shaking in a stupor of lust and arousal, brought each time to a peak but denied release until I came so hard that I swore I screamed for hours.

My cock twitched at just the thought.

That was the night that I had been making an “overnight” delivery to Junon.

I nodded in silent acquiescence. He grinned, that famous cocksure smirk before tipping his head at me, a one-handed salute following as he strode from the alley, looking every bit like the dangerous Turk that he was. I waited for several minutes after he left, trying to calm my racing heart and calmly casting a small healing spell over myself. I could feel the bite marks closing up, that familiar itch that always came with the treating of any wound.
I closed my eyes in thought, leaning against the building. My fingers twitched for a cigarette, something that I didn’t actually smoke. I just wanted something, anything to calm the heavy guilt that always settled inside of my belly after an encounter with Reno. I couldn’t get away from it, no matter what I tried to tell myself. Yet, it was like I was addicted to a drug; it was something I just could not give up.

Neither of them.

I scrubbed a hand through my blond spikes, resisting the urge to pull on them in frustration before exhaling sharply and turning on my heels, leaving the alleyway. I knew that Fenrir was parked just around the corner, and there were documents waiting to be delivered. They were already twenty minutes late, and I had promised that I would be home early tonight.

After all, it was our anniversary.


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